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Global MNC CEOs of Indian Origin

Have you heard the names of Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi etc? One can be sure that many people do. Knowing these names is not enough but also knowing what these names do in the global market is the key thing here. India is known for its immense resources both material and man power. […]

What are Web Services?

Web Services refers to the application services which is served on internet through websites allowing machine to machine interaction. It integrates various aspects of web application such as XML messaging service (to tag the data), SOAP (transfer the data), WSDL (service description) & UDDL (listing service availability). Irrespective of OS or programming language, web services […]

Important Elements of a Quality Website

A website can be owned and run by any organization, but only few sites will be able to satisfy its visitors with better performance and credibility. So it is the responsibility of the website owner or the respective department of the organization to be well aware of the functionality of their website. There are the […]


Role of Advertising in a Business

Advertising is an efficient method which allows a business to maintain or setup communication with the consumers. They can be existing customers who are using the product of services of your business or can be future customers who can opt for your product and services. Advertising allows the specific or targeted customers to be aware […]

Understanding Different Types of Mobile Applications

Apart from the conventional use of communication, cell phones are being used today for browsing websites, playing games, establishing social contacts etc. This increase in mobile usage has lead to the development of many mobile apps, which are typically available through app stores of mobile operation systems. Whether it is for online shopping or sending […]

Key Characteristics of SaaS Model

Today, Software as a Service (Saas), which is also called as “on-demand software” has become an alternative choice for traditional standard softwares. Unlike traditional methods of buying and installing software, SaaS applications are sold on a subscription basis where the vendor is responsible for all hosting and maintenance services. It is a ready to use […]


Why Time Management is Important for Certain Professions?

Time management is important for every profession as it makes the individuals more efficient and productive. By making the better use of time on right things, people can achieve their career goals much faster than what they have anticipated. For certain professionals such as lawyers, consultants and accountants, tracking time is important not only to […]


Natural Stress Relief Methods That Can Relax Your Mind

When was the last time that you have spent few hours on doing something enjoyable that is more fun and relaxing? With our tight schedules and busy life style, we hardly find it possible to spend couple of hours a week on such activities. Pursuing hobbies can serve as relaxation aids for men and women […]


Transformation of Featured Phones to Smartphones

Very few of us might be using feature phones today as these are treated as outdated models with limited capabilities. Unlike in the past where mobile phones had only basic functionality for calling and text messaging, now-a-days they are available with many added features for music, multi media and internet. Today, we can say these […]


Common Mistakes That People do While Starting a SME

Launching a business requires good awareness on certain aspects otherwise it may turn out as a big failure within few years. Some people enter into business with a wrong mind-set that doing business is easy if they have enough funds available. By any chance if their business venture fails, either they blame luck or the […]